Zenvo TSR kicks it up a notch in Copenhagen!

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to see 3 hypercars (Zenvo TSR, Zenvo TS1 and Zenvo TS1GT) from the Danish car manufacturer Zenvo Automotive.

Zenvo TSR, Zenvo TS1, Zenvo TS1GT and Zenvo truck

The yellow Zenvo = Zenvo TSR
The gray Zenvo = Zenvo TS1
The blue Zenvo = TS1GT

But during Race for Riget 2017, in connection with Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2017, this was possible.

One of the cars brought by Danish Zenvo was the brutal 1104 hp Zenvo TSR, which was set up for track use.

Zenvo TSR cabin with cage

Before it was sent out on the temporary race track in the streets of Copenhagen, it was inspected and assembled, after which it was 100% ready to give it maximum gas!

Zenvo TSR collection

The Zenvo TSR has a beautiful yellow color and a huge black rear spoiler, which ensured that it got a lot of attention, compared to the other supercars from Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini etc.

Zenvo TSR front

Zenvo TSR spoiler

Uniquely, you could buy a public ride as a co-driver in the wild Zenvo TSR, with the proceeds going to charity.

Zenvo TSR crowd in

Zenvo TSR public outing

It was a fantastic experience to see and hear when the Danish Zenvo TSR came roaring past you. In the picture below, we were lucky to catch it with an exhaust flame.

Zenvo TSR runs fast, Zenvo TSR exhaust flame

You can enjoy our Zenvo TSR video here:

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