Zenvo ST1 with 1104 HP

Zenvo ST1 with 1104 HP
– Unique Danish hypercar visits CHGP 2015!

Danish Zenvo visited Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2015 with their Zenvo ST1 with 1104 HP. The unique hypercar, with Danish racing driver Michel Nykjær behind the wheel, would take over the small weekend city track at Bellahøj in Copenhagen.

They wanted to help raise money for charity during the Race for the Kingdom 2015. You could buy a ride in this fabulous Zenvo ST1 with 1104 HP.

When such an opportunity presents itself, you should jump at it.

After the ticket was purchased, I was taken to my waiting position. There was a nice little paper sign on the fence that said Zenvo. On the other side of the fence, the crowds were keeping a close eye on the action, as it’s not every day that a bunch of fancy supercars take over Copenhagen.

After a few laps, the hypercar comes in. It parks in front of me. Here we go! I’ve been excited ever since it was announced that Zenvo would provide a car for the event.
It was therefore a special feeling when the car parks in front of you and it is now time to get in the car.

I settle into the Zenvo ST1, which from the outside is a true design gem. Inside the car, I sit in a nice and firm racing seat.

The door is closed and we slowly drive out of the pit.
The Zenvo ST1 has a turbo and supercharger, which contributes to an impressive 0-100 km/h time of just 3.0 seconds!

As we enter the track, all the horsepower is unleashed and I am pushed forcefully back into the seat.
It’s a blast – and it’s super fun!

Since the car we are driving is Zenvo’s test car, Michel Nykjær takes it a bit easier in the unforgiving concrete turns, compared to some of the other drivers in their respective supercars.
This is, of course, perfectly understandable, as hitting the wall is probably not cheap.

But on the long sides, well, that’s where it gets the full spanking!

After two super fun laps, we pit. The next person who has also paid a charity donation is waiting to take a ride in the Zenvo ST1 with 1104 HP.

I wouldn’t mind getting some extra rides again one day in this Danish design gem with impressive acceleration!

After the two laps, I also filmed the car from the outside. I love the aggressive design lines!

1000 thanks Zenvo for making this experience possible! 🙂

You can watch our Zenvo ST1 with 1104 HP video here:

(If the video is not working, try clicking back and forward in your browser).

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