2017: Kevin Magnussen and Ferrari GT2 created a unique racing experience in Copenhagen

In 2017, Kevin Magnussen, the Danish Formula 1 driver, was behind the wheel of a Ferrari GT2 for the Race for Riget in Copenhagen. This unique combination of an intense racing experience and an iconic car met fans and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Ferrari GT2 from formula auto

Formula Racing, a well-known and recognized name in the motor racing world, made their Ferrari GT2 track racer available to Magnussen. Race for the Kingdom is a popular event that attracts enthusiastic fans from near and far. In 2017, the event gave the audience the opportunity to co-drive this brutally powerful, high-octane Ferrari GT2.

This unique experience consisted of two high-speed laps on the exciting 2.4 km long urban railway in the heart of Copenhagen. Surrounded by sturdy gray concrete barriers, this temporary race track provided an incomparable and action-packed experience.

Ferrari gt2

Despite the nerve-wracking combination of the raw Ferrari GT2, a temporary race track and the talented HAAS F1 driver, the audience dared to buy co-driver tours. The tours were an unmistakable success as they sold out in no time.

Of course, this popularity required a tight schedule. The Race for Riget 2017 was a tight schedule and it was necessary to change co-drivers quickly at every pit stop.

Ferrari GT2 with HAAS F1 race driver Kevin Magnussen

It was more than just an adrenaline rush to be strapped into the seat of a Ferrari GT2. From the moment you close the door to watching the world fly by in a whirlwind of speed, it’s a dream come true for any car enthusiast. And when KEVIN MAGNUSSEN is in charge of this dream, it feels like catching a glimpse of heaven.

Nothing could beat the sound of the decibel-heavy Ferrari 458 GT2 cutting through the air as the race car was made to work hard. It was music to every racing fan’s ears – a symphony of high-octane adrenaline rush that left the audience speechless every time the race car roared past.

These sounds have become a hallmark of this particular car – the brutal yet beautiful sound that the raw Ferrari GT2 made as it approached. A sound that made every seat in the audience the best seat in the house.

Ferrari GT2 with HAAS F1 driver Kevin Magnussen behind the wheel. Race for the Kingdom 2017. CHGP 2017

And it was all for a good cause. The money raised from the co-driver tours went to the “BørneUngeProgrammet” at Rigshospitalet. Race for Riget is a beloved part of the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and brings the joy of motor racing to a wider audience of fans – all with their hearts beating fast for Ferrari GT2 and Kevin Magnussen.

Watch the video of Kevin Magnussen in the Ferrari GT2 here:

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