Ferrari FXX K takes over Ring Knutstorp. The sound is phenomenal!

When we heard that the extremely rare Ferrari FXX K was to be aired on the small hilly track Ring Knutstorp in Sweden, well then it was just off to our Swedish neighbors.

Swedish Autoropa is behind the unique annual event, called Autoropa Racing Days.

After a few hours of waiting, the popular Ferrari FXX K slowly creeps onto the track.

Ferrari FXX K entering the track area. FXXK, FXX-K.

The Ferrari FXX K is only produced in 40 copies! In addition, you must have owned several of Ferrari`s previous models to even be considered to buy this hyper track car with 1036 hp. In other words, even if you win the lottery, you can’t just buy a Ferrari FXXK. Of course, that says something about how special and rare a Ferrari FXX-K is.

Ferrari FXX K driver pauses. fxxk. fxx-k.

The sound of its V12 engine is absolutely amazing! By the way, nice detail with the Swedish flag on the inside of the spoiler.

Ferrari FXX K pit

After a while it slowly moves out of the pit. It is really beautiful!

Ferrari FXX K on the way out of the Pit

On the way out of the pits, before the accelerator is pressed all the way down and the Ferrari roar takes over Ring Knutstorp, it passes a McLaren P1 GTR and a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta! So rare cars were in abundance on this special day.

Ferrari FXX K passes a McLaren P1 GTR and a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

On the track, the fast Ferrari FXX K roars to the delight of the spectators in attendance.

Ferrari FXX K competing against a Ferrari GT2

After some fast laps on the track, the very lucky co-driver has to be replaced.

Ferrari FXX K on its way to the pit

Heading into the pits, the Ferrari racing car naturally attracts plenty of interest from photographers.

Ferrari FXX K on the road in the Pit by humans

Here you can enjoy it from the front, where it has just entered the pit area at Ring Knutstorp.

Ferrari FXX K driven into the pit

Of course, the video is not to be missed. So turn up the speakers and enjoy the Ferrari roar of this rare masterpiece in the video above.

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