Race for the Kingdom 2016 featured lots of great supercars

Are you also a fan of the opportunity to drive a supercar as a co-driver? You had the opportunity to do so during the Race for Riget 2016 in Copenhagen. The co-driver trips went to charity. The charity event Race for Riget is a “mini event” that takes place during the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

Here are some of the supercars you could choose from:
Race for Riget 2016 supercars

Here are some more pictures of the supercars you could choose from during the Race for the Kingdom 2016:
Race for the Kingdom 2016

Of course, safety is always top notch during this supercar event. So, of course, everyone has to wear a helmet when getting a ride as a co-driver.
Race for the Kingdom 2016

When buying a co-driver tour, you can choose between Gold, Silver and Bronze categories. In the Silver and Bronze categories, it’s random as to which supercar you get to drive. But Race for the Kingdom has always made sure to attract a lot of great supercars.

In the Gold category you can choose your “favorite driver” in his/her corresponding supercar. This could be, for example Tom Kristensen in an Audi or Jan Magnussen in a Corvette. Once you have bought your ticket, you have to queue until it’s your turn for a co-driver experience.
Race for the Kingdom 2016

Race for the Kingdom has a volunteer helper assigned to each car. This means that when it is your turn, they will take you to the car. You might wonder why they have to take you to the car, but it simply has to do with the fact that you’re wearing a helmet and it’s difficult to have a full view of what’s on the ground, etc. So it works really well.
Race for the Kingdom 2016

And here, racing legend Tom Kristensen is getting ready to give his co-driver a drive out of the ordinary.
Race for the Kingdom 2016 Tom Kristensen

And shortly afterwards, one by one, the supercars take to the track in Copenhagen.

Race for Riget 2016 koenigsegg

Swedish Koenigsegg had brought two supercars, much to the delight of the guests, as this Swedish brand is extremely rare in Denmark.
Koenigsegg Race for Riget 2016

On the Copenhagen track, the co-drivers get two laps at full throttle, regardless of the make of car being driven.

Race for the Kingdom 2016 is racing

It’s always a pleasure to see the different supercar brands competing against each other. And of course, being a passenger makes it even more fun. Note the Kia with a flame coming out of the exhaust located on the side of the car. This is normal with this particular Kia model, which is very special and fast.

Race for the Kingdom 2016 corner

After two blistering laps, the supercars leave the track so that a new co-driver can get two fast laps on the Copenhagen race track.
Race for Riget 2016 porsche leaves the track

When the drive was finished, the co-drivers are always ecstatic. Here is a woman who has just been given two very fast laps on the race track by Jan Magnussen in his red Corvette.

Race for Riget 2016 pit

And of course, don’t miss our Race for the Kingdom 2016 video. So turn up the sound, select 1080P and enjoy the video 🙂

YouTube video

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