McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S is driven hard by Kevin Magnussen

Today is the day I’m going to try a co-driver ride with Kevin Magnussen in a McLaren 650S. A fast car driven by a super-fast Formula 1 driver.

You’re so ready for such a trip once you’ve bought your ticket. Put on your helmet and head to the waiting area.

The McLaren appears after a short time, slightly smoking from the wheel area. It must be warmed up by now. This suggests that there is no holding back. It’s super delicious!

Now it’s my turn. Get in the car. Say hello to Kevin and wait for takeoff. You sit comfortably in the bowl-shaped racing seat.

Quietly Kevin rolls up to the start. The man with the red flag indicates that you should wait in the clear.

A Mazda MX-5 swings around to start a new lap. It is given a 12-second head start before the flag is raised and you can drive.

The 650 HP McLaren must now show what it can do in the hands of an F1 driver. Accelerating up through the gears. The speed quickly reaches 200 km/h and it just keeps going. It’s just delicious.

The turns are taken at a good speed. The Mazda Mx-5 is overtaken just at the entrance to the roundabout. After the roundabout comes the long stretch where the highest speed is reached.

The turbocharged 3.8-liter engine is allowed to show what it can do until the throttle is slowed down to start a new lap.

On the second lap there is no traffic and the McLaren 650S’ is allowed to deliver the goods all the way around the track.

At the roundabout, Kevin drifts in the best style to my and the audience’s great cheers. Then we drive at full throttle until we have to brake again and drive into the pits to finish the trip.

It was a real pleasure to have an unforgettable ride with Kevin Magnussen, who steered the trip in the best possible way.

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