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Ferrari F1 at the Racing Festival in Roskilde 2014

The city of Roskilde has received a fine visit from no less than a Ferrari F1. Formula Racing has made sure that the sound of F1 will once again be heard over Roskilde.

The last time was in the early 1960s. The invited is from 1995 when both Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger drove 3 liter Ferrari F1 V12s. Also known as the Ferrari 412 T2, it is the last V12 before the switch to V10 engines.

At some point on Sunday afternoon, the supercars stop running. A calm descends over the pitch. No engine sound. There is chatter among people about whether it is F1 time now. Still complete calm over the track. It has to be.

At the starting point, the F1 is being started up. The crowds around the start increase. It’s Jan Magnussen who will do some laps on the track.

Slowly the F1 moves down towards the entrance to the track. It’s time for the sound of F1 to ring out over Roskilde again.

Once on the track, we hit the gas and off we go. The sound of F1 thunders through the track.

The spectators at the other end of the track receive the sound and eagerly await the Ferrari F1 car. Deceleration and acceleration are clearly audible.

That’s about 5 laps with the Ferrari 412 T2.

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