Ultima Can Am

Ultima Can Am – the king of Jyllandsringen?

It’s time for the annual charity event at Jyllandsringen in 2014. The event is organized by Sportscar Event.

After about 3 hours of driving, we arrive at Jyllandsringen. We park the car in one of the parking lots on the grass area. From here you can look out over the landscape, as FDM Jyllandsringen is located on a hill.
There is a good atmosphere. Car enthusiasts from all over the country are meeting here today to see/hear and experience these amazing driving machines.

The entrance fee of 50Kr is paid and we move up towards the large parking area where the supercars are parked.

We start by walking around a bit to get an overview and enjoy the fan-favorite supercars parked side by side.
It’s certainly not an everyday sight to see so many supercars in one place. If you love supercars, we highly recommend stopping by the event next time it’s held.

After carefully considering my choice, I decide to take a ride in the yellow Ultima Can Am convertible, which is extremely fast!
It has a 6.0L V8 engine with 650HP and a very low weight of only 850Kg. This ensures a 0-100 time of just 2.6 seconds!

I buy a ticket for a co-driver ride and walk to the car. The ticket is handed over and I crawl into the car, where I am strapped in tightly.

The start button is pressed and after a few tries, the big engine wakes up, just a few centimeters behind our seats.
But I can hear that it’s not a small eco-engine and at the same time the butterflies start flying around in my stomach.
The doors close just like on a Koenigsegg, which is a nice cool detail.

The driver puts on racing gloves and then it’s off to the track. It seems almost acidly realistic to see all those supercars. Some are coming in from the track, including a red Ferrari, while we are heading out onto the track, where there is a black Porsche in front, also heading out onto the track.
As you drive towards the track itself, you get close to the straight, where you can hear the various supercars roaring through the straight. We cannot see the cars due to a barrier and the audience watching, but only hear them.
It all adds up to an indescribable feeling.

We have now reached the approach road that will take us onto the track itself. The driver presses the accelerator and we are pushed back into our seats.

This Ultima Can Am is extremely firm on the track, which allows it to take corners extra fast. Therefore, it doesn’t take very long before we pass the first two cars, the black Porsche and a Tesla sports car.

I get the feeling that the driver is not holding back and the car is therefore driven right to the limit.
It is super fun and at the same time wild to experience how this Ultima Can Am eats one turn after another.

This trip was definitely in the category of one of the fastest trips we have done! It was a truly amazing experience.

You can watch our Ultima Can Am drive here:

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