CHGP 2016

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is an annual motorsport event where there is always something exciting to watch. From older cars to brand new ones.

We’ve put together a short video of the 2016 CHGP so you can see and hear some of the amazing machines that took part this year.

The cars you can see in the video below include

DTC = Danish Thundersport Championship.

DTC back to pit CHGP 2016

DTC longside CHGP 2016

dtc pit CHGP 2016

Legends Car Cup

Legends Car Cup CHGP 2016

Race for the Kingdom = Charity event where you could buy a co-driver driving experience in a supercar and support the fundraising for the cause.
race for the kingdom 2016 pit CHGP 2016

race for the kingdom 3 supercars CHGP 2016

race for the kingdom long side 2 supercars CHGP 2016

Historic Cars = Older iconic racing cars.

historic cars 2016 driver CHGP 2016

historic cars 2016 CHGP 2016

Royal Pro/Am = One Pro driver and one Am driver. The sound of these cars was absolutely amazing. The open cars were super beautiful and now I know where the Rodeo cars on Bakken got their design from 😉
Royal Pro:Am cars 2016 CHGP 2016

Royal Pro:Am 2016 driver CHGP 2016

Royal Pro:Am 2016 CHGP 2016

Our CHGP (Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix) 2016 video:

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